RRG: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Today’s Random Retro Game is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Well, not totally random, we chose it because of it’s huge popularity back in the PS2 days!

San Andreas was one of the best installments in the history of Grand Theft Auto, and people still play the game to this day. GTA: SA became so popular that Rockstar created a mobile app so you can play it on your phone! You can also download San Andreas on a modern generation console, play it on your PC and of course, on the PS2, Xbox 360 and PS3.

San Andreas was a global hit, with over 27 million copies sold, it had reached the top spot for many consoles back in the day. A popular console to play San Andreas on, was the PlayStation 2.

San Andreas had a very engaging story, and not only that, it was open world and you could see yourself exploring it! Take photos of literally anything you want, beat up random people on the streets, steal cars and many more things the game had to offer.

The game was awarded 14 times for being the best action game out there, it’s comedy, for being the best PlayStation 2 Game and best soundtrack.

“Hot Coffee”

Well, all great things sometimes have their “accident” phase. Back in 2005, a 38 year old modder named Patrick Wildenborg from the Netherlands, released a patch/mod to the game. The name “Hot Coffee” was given to the patch and heres why.

The patch gave players the ability to go inside the house of the girlfriend of the player in order to see them engage in sexual intercourse. In the normal game (the unpatched version) the player would see both characters get in the house, and the camera would freeze outside of the door, while subtle moans can be heard.

Because of that, the game’s Mature rating was changed to AO (Adults Only) and was pulled back by retailers’ shelves in the USA and Australia.

Later on, in 2007, Rockstar released an updated version of the game (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2.0), with the “Hot Coffee” scene removed. The clean patch was now called “Cold Coffee” and it was rated M (for Mature) once again!

If you want a better explanation to all of this watch this video.